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Lead Web Designer
Lead Front End Developer

Furvilla is an upcoming browser-based game for furries and anthropomorphic animal lovers. It was a pleasure to design its website.

Furvilla website

The beginnings

At first I was asked to design the landing page, where users could read some info and register an account.

furvilla splash screen

The Game

Some of the screens

After that I started designing the game screens. It took almost three months of design and coding to create more than fifty different views. Below you can see a small portion of them.

furvilla register screen
furvilla register screen
furvilla register screen
furvilla register screen
furvilla town hall view
furvilla buy coins
furvilla costume museum
furvilla shop view
furvilla user shop
furvilla explorer
furvilla warrior
furvilla craft item
furvilla forum
furvilla forum category
furvilla forum posts list
furvilla forum thread
furvilla chatroom
furvilla design elements


Every element was designed from scratch. Most of those widgets are interactive, and all have been implemented into the game.

furvilla background